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Search Engine Optimization helps your business get found online by the people searching for services / products like yours.

Google Ads

When searching the web, people use Google Search by 92% worldwide. Tap into the power of advertising on Google’s search result page.

Facebook Ads

Reach more people and connect with new customers using the powerful demographics and targeting tools from Facebook’s vast database.

Content Marketing

We produce fresh, relevant content that appeals to your customers, provides value and nurtures your relationship with them.


Automate. Automate. Automate. Use technology, apply automation to common (and sometime boring) tasks and save precious time and money.

Marketing Strategy

Use actionable insights and gain a sustainable competitive advantage over your competition by understanding the needs and wants of your customers.

Our Marketing Process

Assessment and market research specific to the project.

Since every business is unique, we conduct a thorough and in-depth analysis of the competition and the market’s specifics.


Data analysis and market penetration strategy.

After collecting and analysing the data from our research, we create an actionable plan for the business.


Launch of marketing campaigns

We launch the marketing campaigns based on the agreed schedule and keep it consistent throughout the process.


Data collection and performance audit

After the campaigns are launched, we use extensive analytics that indicate the performance of each campaign and we adjust accordingly for maximized gains.


Professional Tools powered by Microsoft

Build your company's intranet on the cloud

Still struggling with file management and emails inside your company? Rejoice! The time has come to build an intranet and have a centralized and easy-to-use tool that will boost your company’s productivity and alleviate the pain of document management.

Customized and tailor-made to your company’s specific needs, your intranet is deployed fast and increases the efficiency of communication between your staff and even those who are in remote locations.

Fast, secure, accessible. Email as it should be.

Safe, fast, accessible everywhere. Your email is received and sent with high-grade security so you and your clients know that it is safe. High deliverability, low cost and backed up regularly. Access all your history from the the mobile app and stay on top of communications.

Get all the benefits of choosing a cloud provider such as Microsoft. The security is top-notch, support is always available and everything gets updated regularly to ensure everything is working correclty.

The collaboration tool that gets things done easily

Microsoft Teams is a powerful collaboration and communication app that works on any device and brings together your company’s teams in a central endpoint. It also gives you the ability to host your online meetings with your clients easily and professionally.

Call, chat, send messages and files all from one place. Microsoft Teams gets things done easily and integrates seamlessly with your intranet’s files and lists. Your team will thank you and you, as a business owner, will be happy you made the choice.

All the apps you know and trust. Just better.

The suite of Microsoft’s apps like Word, Excel and PowerPoint work seamlessly and brilliantly on the cloud. Never miss an edit again, find the latest version of the file you are looking for and collaborate live with your teammates or clients on a single file. No more emails back and forth for version 1, 1.1, 2.0, 3.0, 3.1.1 etc.

You can also have the latest version of the official Microsoft Office suite installed on your company’s computer which can be included in your subscription. Avoid pirated software and use all the latest features of the official Microsoft applications that get updated regularly and have all the security features included.

Go Mobile. Go Everywhere.

All your important files at the palm of your hand

All your data is secured with AES-256 encryption.

Easy Interface

Find everything you need when you need it.

Available Globally

Your files follow you everywhere you go.

Huge Storage

Every account comes with 1 Terabyte of storage.

Timing Digital gives you all the marketing tools you need to stay ahead of your competition

Technology is moving forward fast. Don't get left behind.
From digital marketing and promotion to websites and enterprise intranets, there is always something that you can benefit from collaborating with us.

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